My 2018 Spring/Summer Collection was inspired by original botanical artists from the 1500's-1800's.  I worked with the largest library in Australia, the State Museum Library Victoria, to research and select my study pieces.  As is my nature, I put a more modern, pop art twist on the original for my wearable art designs.  

'Bird of paradise', inspired by botanical artist William Curtis. An English botanist & entomologist. From Alton, Hampshire. (b. 1746 - d. 1799)

'Sturt pea', inspired by botanical artist Fanny Elizabeth de Mole. Born in London. Migrated to South Australia. Wrote and illustrated the first book on wildflowers. (b. 1835 - d. 1866)

'Tulips & butterflies', inspired by original botanical artist Robert Thornton, an English physician and botanical writer. He wrote "The British Flora of 1812." He studied in Cambridge. (b. 1768 - d. 1837)

'Mala', inspired by original botanical artist, Pietro Andrea Mattioli (b. 1501 - d. 1577)

'Indian Lily Daffodil', inspired by original botanical artist, Christopher Jacob Tree, Nuremberg, 1750-1773.

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